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We are the leading Canadian based Production House. It has been 3 years to our team working together to make this production house well established. And now, we are proud of ourselves for successfully achieving our goals. Our main focus is on the three factors that are the heart of the film industry. They are film production, post-production, and distribution companies



Line Production

Planning filming in Canada? Studio 7 films can make your filming experience memorable. We assure you of timely completion of your schedule by taking up
responsibility of production requirements

Accommodations & Transportation

People who travel and stay away from home for more than a day need lodging for sleep, rest, food, safety, shelter from cold temperatures or rain, storage of luggage and access to common household functions.


Camera (Digital)
Lenses (PL/EF)
Tripods, Dolly, Stands, Apple Boxes
Matt Box , Filters
Lights 12K, 5K, 2K, 650, 350,150, Kino, etc
Accessories for Lights and Camera
Field Mixer & Recorders up to 6 channels
Wireless Lav Mics
Boom Mics


Logistics is generally the detailed organization and implementation of a complex operation. Logistics is the management of the flow of things between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet requirements of customers or corporations.

On Screen Talent

Background Actors
Choreographers with Dance studio for rehearsals


Location Permits
City Permits

Technical Crew

Location Sound Recordist
Art Directors
Hair & Makeup
Set Dressers
Production Assist’s

Post Production

Editing Suite
Facility for ADR
Studio for Correction and Sound Mixing

Location Scout

Toronto, Vancouver
About Us

About Us

Our head office is located in Vancouver, other branches of our office are in Toronto & Chandigarh (India).

We own some of the latest equipment used for video capturing and sound effects. This makes our infrastructure more robust as well as it also helps us in producing high-quality content.

Studio 7 Films understand the requirements in this digital world and hence consists of the Hollywood trained crew to meet the latest standards that allow the audience to experience the ultimate viewing pleasure. 

Our Mission

The founder of Studio 7 Films “Sanjeev Jhanji”, is a well known Canadian actor.

According to him, this production house has been set up for the people and the actors who aim for better career opportunities. For engaging more into the story of the famous actor, we can visit From here we will be able to see all the latest updates about the upcoming films of Sanjeev Jhanji.

The crew members ensure that the production and quality, both must meet all the requirements with the incredible outcomes.

Studio 7 Films is based on the Hindi and Punjabi Cinema. With the help of the crew team and self-efforts have made this production house one of the largest in Canada & India. 

Our team is creative enough to produce films and videos that require a strategy based on the latest fashion keeping the quality of content as a priority. Our designers & developers follow a unique strategy and work together to produce unique, engaging digital experiences.

We offer the best productions by keeping the economical factor in mind.

About Us

Our Vision

When we receive the script, the very first thing is to have a discussion and making a strategy of how that script is to be filmed. This helps our team acquiring certain factors like cost, time, effects, efficiency, and management. These factors play a very important role and help us to create a vision for each script.

Our professionals, the crew team, including the stylists, cameraman, art directors, casting directors, production supervisors, makeup artists, location managers, light & grip professionals, assistant directors designers, developers, and supporting actors. All of us when work together by contributing our skills for each script comes out to be a lethal combination of creativity and productivity. And when that video or film goes out, it seems to be like it is walking on the red carpet. And in this industry, we all know the value of the red carpet.

So, to fly high, join with us and turn your dreams into reality.

Our latest projects

Our latest projects

Our executive team

Our executive team

stf sanjeev jhanji

Sanjeev Jhanji

stf tammaanna arrora

Tamanna Arora

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Livia Lopez

Contact Us

Contact Us


Studio 7 Films Corp and Studio 7 Films Ltd.

Vancouver BC V5X 1N5 


Phone : +1 604-716-2777
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